Grow Your Business at Lakes Workspace

Lakes Workspace Mission: to provide a place where idea driven entrepreneurs can collaborate to start or build new or existing businesses. Where business professionals, consultants and start-up companies can hold meetings, workshops, presentations or just get some purposeful work done.

What Lakes Workspace has to Offer:
  • Fully-furnished Coworking Spaces
  • Outdoor Patio & Balcony
  • Educational Wokshops
  • Private Office
  • Energetic Setting
  • Private Conference Room
  • Creative Ambience
  • Monthly Networking Events
Why do coworking members like their shared space ?

82%of coworkers in the US feel more motivated and productive since joining a local coworking facility.

91%enjoy better interactions with others (most making 7 vital connections within the first 2 months of joining)

50%of US coworkers report higher income since joining their shared space

45%of members are freelancers or sole entrepreneurs